Lisa Silver
Season 1, Episode 1
First Air Date February 6, 2005
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"N/A" "Threat Levels"


Stan asks Steve how it's going with a girl on the lacrosse team at school. Steve says that instead he is asking out Lisa Silver instead. Stan is proud that Steve is planning to ask her out. Hayley thinks that Lisa Silver is way out of Steve's league, but Roger thinks that Steve actually has a shot. At work, Stan tells Jackson about Steve asking out a cheerleader. Meanwhile when Steve is at school, he walks up to Lisa and purposley hits her on the back. Steve tries to act cool but Lisa punches him in the face for revenge. When Steve is walking home, he spots a man with a dog. Then he realizes that dogs can attract girls. Stan spots Steve walking home and asks him about his "date". Steve uses the excuse that she was out sick today, but Stan says it's okay because he can ask her the day after. Steve asks Stan and Francine if he can have a dog. Stan says he can't because he already has Roger and Klaus. Francine tells Stan that a dog can actually teach Steve the responsibility of growing up. The next day, Stan comes home and tells Steve he got a dog. Steve gets excited but when he sees the actual dog, he freaks out. When Steve is walking the dog, he is made fun of that his dog looks like he's half dead. Steve thinks it was actually working. When Stan hears what may be a break-in, he accidentaly shoots Steve's dog. At their dog's grave, Steve says he will never get a girl, but Stan thinks that's the reason he wanted a dog. Stan takes Steve to the mall because he has a plan. When Stan snaches a girl's purse for Steve, he chases Stan but he is running too fast. The plan backfires when Stan forgets about the plan. Stan kidnaps Hillary Duff for Steve's date, but she runs away when she gets to scared about Stan.


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