Hayley Smith,18

Hayley is the boring adopted child of Stan and Francine. she is often regarded as just a pot smoking loser by her own adoptive parents. Her adoptive father (Stan Smith) has stated in numerous episodes that he wishes that he never adopted Hayley, as he see's her as just a lowlife, pot smoking hooker. There is some facial similarities between Hayley and Francine, but Francine is in no way related to Hayley( as stated in episodes that Stan and Francine just adopted her).

Steve, I got a great idea!


Hayley has long, shoulder length dark brown hair . She is about 5'0" in height, and she weighs 120-137 pounds. Her eyes look silly, with no apparent eye colour, and a silly peace sign on a necklace worn around her neck.She wears a black tank top that doesnt come all way the down her belly and wears fishnet stockings . As for her feet, she mostly wears sandles (weird hippie stuff).

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