Francine: is a fictional character from the animated television series American Dad!. She is the wife of Stan Smith and the mother of Hayley and Steve. Francine is voiced by Wendy Shcaal.


Francine was born to a wealthy couple in South Carolina, Nicholas and Cassandra Dawson. She was abandoned by her birth parents. She spent her early childhood in a Roman Catholic orphanage. She is naturally left-handed but this was literally beaten out of her by the nuns.

She was adopted at age seven by Bàba and Māma Ling, Chinese Americans. She speaks fluent Chinese, and often speaks in it to her parents to disguise their conversations in front of Stan. Her adoptive parents have a daughter Gwen. According to Francine husband Stan "Gwen is Playboy hot!". Francine never gets made hearing this because she and her ultra busty sister have been having sex for years.

In high school Francine began to evolve psychologically, beginning with an obsessive crush on her algebra teacher, Mr. Feeny, who rebuffed her often forceful advances. After the school intercepted a packet of nude Polaroids Francine had sent to her teacher through the school inter-mail system, the police were called. Francine lied to them and said that she and Mr. Feeny were lovers. Mr. Feeny was sent to jail, where he committed suicide.

Still eager to lose her virginity, Francine frequently wandered innocently past construction sites in sexy clothes before being "taken" by a group of six angry construction workers three months later. She still recalls the event fondly to Stan, as recalled in "The Scarlet Getter". She also reminisced with Stan about how she was "felt up and more" by a group of popular girls in the school showers in "1600 Candles". Francine claims that her high-school nickname was "suck machine" in "Anchorfran".

In college she was a well known party girl on campus and appeared in numerous amateur porn video series such as "Pearl Necklace" "Home Grown Goes to College" and "Coeds taking Big Black Cocks". Appearing in amateur porn is still a passion for Francine today. The forum comments about her performances fuel her often otherwise dull sessions in bed with her husband.

Francine first met Stan Smith the day he graduated from the CIA academy. She was a groupie trying to hitchhike home from a concert, and Stan pulled over to gave her a ride. Francine sized Stan up as a good provider, and determined she would suppress her wild side.

Francine was successful in that goal for years, but occasionally yearned for her independent and wild sides to return. She was briefly a successful realtor and became a surgeon for an organized-crime syndicate made up of handicapped people. She also owned a muffin kiosk at the mall, a business financed by Klaus the family fish when he took over the body of the singer for an Earth Wind and Fire tribute band . Part of the business arrangement included frequent sex with Francine, the video results of which went viral on the internet porn circles when each were uploaded. Francine's videos cross over many genres. MILF, Mature, Family, Blonde, Interracial, Lesbian.

Once Francine joined an ultra-chic local ladies group by faking an affair with a valet. She was rescued from the ruthless Lady Bugs by her neighbor Linda Memari, and the two women began a long running lesbian affair soon after.

Francine Smith drinks wine heavily and occasionally smokes; she's is an avid user of marijuana, cocaine, Extasy and Ambien, stealing $50 a week to support her various habits from the family budget as revealed in "Dr. Klaustus". She also augments that money with sales of her amateur porn downloads. Francine's return to her history of heavy sexual promiscuity, and her current drug habits, fuel an intensive sex drive that often finds her on video in the arms of the most of the neighborhood delivery men and most of her son's teen friends, as well as the most financially lucrative videos, those of her entangled with her son Steve.

Although often underestimated, Francine has a shockingly dark side. An example of how dangerous Francine can be occurred when she discovered Stan had sent his CIA double Bill, to her high school reunion, in his place. Furious, Francine shot Bill's knee-cap, thinking it was Stan. Compounding the fact she shot Bill, Francine also participated in numerous three ways with Bill and her daughter Hayley, Bill's girlfriend for a brief period. Francine also had at least one three way with Bill and Stan.

When she was tired of the demands on her life in "Fartbreak Hotel", Francine entertained a fantasy of killing the family. Francine has been to prison, having stabbed her roommate. She claimed later that it was just for fun.

When Francine was younger she had a brief acting career beyond her amateur porn roles, including an episode of the television show Scarecrow and Mrs. King with George Clooney. George stole her line in the show ruining her acting career. Since then she has been passionate about killing him, or at least, making him cry. Which Stan helped her do in "Tears of a Clooney", as a 39th/40th birthday present. The episode ended in an intensive sex scene involving Stan, George, Francine and a strap on.

Other than her out of control sex life, Francine is almost a stereotypical trophy housewife and mother who generally seems to enjoy her position in life. She has previously criticized Stan for locking her up without any shirts to fold in "Con Heir", as she "hates down time." She is more sympathetic to Hayley's ideologies and Steve's geekiness than Stan although she hypocritically gives Hayley a cold shoulder when her daughter confesses she believes she is addicted to pot smoking in "A Jones for a Smith".

Francine is complicated in her relationship with her son. She is both infatuated with keeping Steve as her baby in "Iced, Iced Babies", yet she became determined to have sex with her own son after seeing his massive eleven inch penis in the episode "1600 Candles". She began seducing Steve in "The Adventures of Twill Ongenbone And His Boy Jabari" when she hikes up her dress to show Steve she doesn't have a tattoo on her ass stating that she hates him, demonstrating at the same time that she occasionally goes without panties.

Francine doesn't usually allow others to push her around. In "Stan of Arabia: Part 2" she sang, complaining about Saudi Arabia's treatment of women, and stripped to her underwear which gets her arrested and the entire family stoned. In "Shallow Vows" she is shown to tolerate being a housewife as long as she is being taken care of financially and suggests she will leave Stan if he becomes incapacitated. She will fuck almost anyone cute, but not if they become aggressive stalking her, although she does like rough sex as demonstrated in "The Missing Kink", when she develops a spanking fetish.

Francine also has a tendency to be extremely obsessive sometimes to the point of threatening loved ones or even mutilating herself to reach her goals. When she was desperate to have another baby in "Iced, Iced Babies", she actually aimed a gun at her own husband though she deliberately missed when she fired it. She even chopped off her own hand in "Tears of a Clooney" when Stan handcuffed her to a pole because she was determined to destroy George Clooney. When she becomes obsessed with something it seems that only Stan can calm her down. However Stan is reluctant to calm her down because as he told his boss Avery Bullock "Francine is the hot crazy sex kinda way." in "Four Little Words".

Despite having somewhat disdain over her family when they refuse to keep their resolutions, Francine is shown to be visually in shock over her entire family's fake deaths in "Finger Lenting Good".

Francine doesn't seem to have any problem with killing small animals to make food as shown in "Live and Let Fry" when she attempted to deep fry a baby chick alive and later on deep fried a rabbit or "In Country...Club" she drowned a small bird for Roger to eat despite her joyous singing with it.

Appearance Edit


Francine was originally 43, but she became 45 years old in the episode "Tears of a Clooney". The episode starts with her 44th birthday, she attempts to get revenge on George Clooney for a year, and the episode ends with her 45th birthday. It's unknown whether or not the other characters aged as well, except for presumably Stan. He says in one episode that she is ten months younger than he is. However, in "May the Best Stan Win", Francine's year of birth is listed as being in 1966, and Stan's is shown to be 1962. However, in "Da Flippity Flop", he refers that he is an American made man since '63–implying his birth year was in 1963. In "Shallow Vows", it says Francine's birthday is September 26, 1962 on her driver's license. In the same episode, she later tells Stan she was indeed born on September 26.

Hobbies and Talents Edit

Being a housewife, Francine doesn't appear at first to have many talents besides cleaning and cooking. In "Tears of a Clooney", she can also drive motorcycles with professional skills, and is apparently trained or self-taught in both armed and unarmed combat. In "Stan Time", she can operate small submarines. Francine is also a somewhat trained/self-taught ER surgeon, having spent time as a doctor of the Handicapped Mafia in "Helping Handis". In "Stanny-Boy and Frantastic", when she and Stan were invited to do free running from rooftops of abandoned buildings, Francine was able to do free running better than Stan. She is of course and legendary amateur pron star.



  • In "A.T. The Abusive Terrestrial", Francine's favorite beverage is Mr. Pibb.
  • Francine is revealed to be left-handed in "Office Spaceman", or was until the nuns of the orphanage that raised her warped her mind into believing left-handers are the Devil's people. Eventually she breaks free of this belief and makes more of an effort to work her left hand again.
  • Francine is not a natural blond but a brunette, which most likely explains why her son Steve is a light brunette, and daughter Hayley is a darker brunette who seems to have more of Stan's hair color. Before she got a new hairdresser in "Star Trek", her dark roots were visible.
  • Apparently Francine is one of the few women in Langley Falls NOT having an affair, as most other women belong to the Ladybugs who compare notes on their affairs.
  • She is dressed as the Statue of Liberty and uses the torch as a flamethrower in the online game American Dad vs. Family Guy Kung-Fu II.
  • She weighs 109 lbs according to her driver's license and her birthday is September 26th. in "Shallow Vows".
  • She has a fear of needles in "American Dream Factory". However, she previously used a needle to place stitches in Blind Jimmy's arm in "Helping Handis" and again later in "Bar Mitzvah Hustle".
  • Francine reveals in "Stanny-Boy and Frantastic" that she carries a stick of butter in her purse in case of emergency after an incident when she was eight years old and got her head stuck in a stair banister.
  • In "Dungeons and Wagons", she pierced her navel like her daughter.

On occasions, Francine is depicted as being physically weak. In "Homeland Insecurity", she pointed a gun at Stan and couldn't hold it up for more than a minute. And in "Frannie 911", she carries Roger with obvious struggle. In "Cops and Roger", Francine and Roger are mugged and the former could not do a thing to stop it.

  • Francine admits in "Dr. Klaustus" that she takes fifty dollars from Stan's wallet every week to buy drugs.
  • It is revealed in "Great Space Roaster" that Francine dislikes Rachael Ray.
  • Francine hints that she lost her virginity to a group of angry construction workers in "The Scarlett Getter".
  • In "The Adventures of Twill Ongenbone And His Boy Jabari", Francine hikes up her dress to show Steve she doesn't have a tattoo stating that she hates him, demonstrating that she occasionally goes without panties.
  • In "The Missing Kink", she developed a spanking fetish. 
  • Francine claims that her high-school nickname was "suck machine" in "Anchorfran".
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