"Bully for Steve"
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Season 6, Episode 5AJN11
First Air Date April 25, 2010
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Stan bullies Steve so that he will toughen up, and Hayley questions her feelings for Reginald.

Plot Edit

When Stan begins to believe that Steve may be too lenient when it comes to obstacles, he begins to worry how he will get through life, and after spending the following day shadowing him, he finds that the situation is much worse than he thought; Steve shows signs of someone afraid to grow up, even bursting into tears simply because another kid took the last slice of pizza at lunch. Stan encourages him to be less passive and tells him an analogy that Steve must carry a crate of oranges upstairs for his mother past a bully. Steve does not understand it and only ends up terrified that his mother may be hurt, annoying Stan.

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Stan overpowering Steve.

Fed up with his meek and childish behavior, Stan begins to pose as a bully to toughen Steve up, sitting on him, intentionally humiliating him, and engaging in what appears to be several revolting and physical acts against him made evident by Steve's appearance every day, as well as the nicknames Stan gives him. When a humiliated Steve returns home after a hard day due to his dad, he sees his father sitting in his chair casually, coming off completely clueless and lovably innocent as to the day's events. Stan then brings up his bully from high school, Stelio Kantos, who bullied him much like Stan did Steve; shoving him and spitting in his mouth, at one point in life, going as far as giving Stan "ass-rabies" with an infected live bat. When Steve asks how he got rid of him, though, Stan states that Stelio simply moved away, thus countering his argument, but insists that the abuse will one day help Steve. When Francine finds Steve's bullied state, however, Stan magically appears outside and threatens to beat Steve horribly if he ever tells.

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Roger, now a photographer, takes advantage of the situation by trying to get a good image of Steve after being hassled. A few days later, Steve appears beaten. Stan attempts to encourage Steve to "stand up to his bully", but Francine talks him out of it, instead encouraging him to reason with him. At first it seems to work as Stan empties out his feelings towards Steve at a shop, but the meeting ends with Stan throwing an iced coffee in Steve's face.

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Steve after a day of torment from Stan.

Fed up, Francine takes Stan to a meeting with Steve's principal, where it is revealed that Stan has been the one tormenting Steve all along. Francine is furious, chasing Stan and intentionally crashing her car into his, but Stan refuses to ease up on Steve. Francine thus decides to train Steve to fight his father, as Stan is so physically strong, he'd tower above Steve's slim, meek self, however, Francine quits shortly after making the decision, annoyed by Steve's extreme reluctance and inability to even form a fist. She punches the fridge angrily and leaves, leaving Stan free to bully his son whenever he pleases.

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Stan gives Steve the first shot.

The scene then cuts to an old woman taking the bus to a store, purchasing cheese. As she leaves, Stan tackles her, pulls at her face, and reveals the elderly woman to be Steve in Roger's make up. Standing in dominance, Stan tells Steve that he will eventually have to stand up to him, as Stan is prepared to do this as long as possible. With nobody willing to help him, Steve decides to go through with his father's plan, challenging him to a fight outside of Steve's school. This relieves Stan (as he'd been missing a lot of work putting effort into bullying Steve).

At the fight, Steve shows a great deal of courage, something that fills a very confident Stan with pride in his son, however instead of fighting Stan himself, Steve hires Stan's old bully, Stelio Kantos, to violently (and literally) beat Stan into the ground. Steve peels and orange and enjoys getting his revenge until Stan finally surrenders. After being beaten various different ways, Stan apologizes for his behavior. Steve and Stan sympathize with each other, and Stan congratulates Steve on handling his bully in a different way. Roger then takes a photo of the two to hand to his boss, Captain Crunch.
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Stelio as an adult.

Reginald goes to Hayley and asks her out, She says yes, but tries to act cool about it. At the carnival, Reginald and Hayley meets up with Jeff Fischer, which finds that he been working at the carnival for some time. They make conversation and he shows Hayley where the clowns sleep. Reginald is annoyed by Jeff. Reginald goes to Hayley but she says she needs time alone and he confesses his love and sings out.


  • Samantha & Megan from "Tears of a Clooney" appear in the school lunch line when Stan spies on Steve.
  • Stan sings "Drops Of Jupiter" with the musical group Train.
  • Stan reads a book titled "How To Read With One Hand".
  • This is the first time since season 2 that Jeff and Hayley did not break-up in November. In addition, This is Jeff's only appearance in this season.
  • The Chinese mafia from "Home Adrone" appear in the meat locker during Francine's fight with Becky.
  • One of the moves Stelio Kontos uses on Stan is "The Slide of Copana." Copa Copana is a waterpark in Athens, Greece.[1]


      Stan: Better not say a fuckin' word or I'll kill you.

Stan: I once had a bully. Stelio Kontos was his name. He was as mean as he was Greek.

Jeff: How's your huge vagina?
Hayley: Oh, Yerhujeva? She's good. She's back in Croatia for the winter with the rest of the Gina family.

Steve: Aah! You got it in my eye! I know, I know. That's what Mom said last night.
Stan: That's right while I was doing her. Ba-boom!

Francine: I'm going to teach you how to kick your father's ass.
Steve: Good! That ass needs a pounding.
Francine: Yeah, that's what your father said last night.

Ride Operator: [points to the height restriction sign] Sorry.
Reginald: Aww, c'mon man, you gotta let me on. I'm trying to create a moment with this girl. I respect this bitch! I love this bitch!
Ride Operator: Oh, I'm a sucker for love. Wrap your arms around that bitch, never let her go.
Reginald: C'mon baby. Our chariot awaits.

Captain Crunch: This is really nice work. You're hired. Your first assignment: a brutal triple rape right off the freeway.
Roger: Oh, thank you, Captain Karhoonch.
Captain Crunch: It's Crunch and you're welcome.


  • The second time the werewolf appears the full moon is nowhere to be seen.
  • Francine's belly button disappears when she says "Where did the time go?"
  • When Roger attempts to amputate Francine's hand in the garbage disposal, he says "Oh relax, it's your left hand, drama queen.". It was actually Francine's right hand he attempted to sever.
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